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Adelie penguin
photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud
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Congratulations! Bundle up in layers of warm clothes because you are going to Antarctica! You have been selected to work with a team of scientists studying a species of penguin living in the area of Antarctica. You will be assigned a kind of penguin to study. You will learn as much as you can about your penguin. Then you will present your findings at a "conference" of biologists who have also been studying penguins.

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In order to be ready to present your findings at the conference, you will need to learn about the penguin's appearance, its behavior, its food, and its enemies. You will work with a classmate. For some parts of this unit, you and your partner will work with a fifth grade helper. As part of your study, you and your partner will work together to find penguin pictures and discover what is special about your penguin, learn about the penguin's food chain, learn vocabulary used to describe penguin behavior, draw a life-size picture of your penguin and much more.

You will be assigned one of the following penguins to research:

red dotKing Penguin red dotAdélie Penguin red dotRockhopper Penguin
red dotEmperor Penguin red dotChinstrap Penguin red dotMacaroni Penguin
red dotGentoo Penguin red dotLittle Blue Penguin

See the pictures of all the penguins named in the list. The links are to The Penguin Page by Kevin Welch.
Click on the name of the penguin above and be directed to the picture on the world wide web.
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name of penguin location height weight characteristics food # of eggs laid # of chicks raised interesting facts partners' names
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Sites Penguins and Other Antarctic Animals

red dotPete & Barbara's Penguin Page created by Peter and Barbara Barham ~ This includes small photos and descriptions of different types of penguins. It explains their life cycle and threats, and lists where you can see them.

Kevin Schafer is an wildlife photographer whose work has been world-renowned magazines, such as National Geographic and National Wildlife. red dotPenguin Planet shows many of his photographs. Be sure to look at all of the pages.

The red dotWorld of Penguins from Nature by PBS ~ You will find a few more photos of penguins.

This site at Enchanted learning has information about red dotAntarctic animals. You can print the information, including a picture to color.

Sites About Antarctica

red dotPhotos of Antarctica by Guillaume Dargaud can be seen at http://sung3.ifsi.rm.cnr.it/~dargaud/Photo/Background.html. This page does not link to the site.
These are gorgeous photographs showing the terrain and some of the animals of Antarctica.

Enchanted Learning ~ This has information about red dotAntarctic explorers. You might find it interesting. You can print the information, including a picture to color.

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Penguin Sites Developed by School Children

red dotI Like Penguins !!!  ~ A fifth grader did a report on penguins. He and his dad created this web page.

A while ago some red dotfirst graders at the Mayflower School in Middleboro, Massachusetts studied penguins. They wrote reports and made pictures and models. This site lets you see each child holding his or her penguin model and lets you read the report. You will learn a lot from their reports!

red dotSixth graders and first graders at a school in California studied penguins and worked together to write these reports. The reports start with a striking 3D paper penguin.

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** Rubric **
Cooperated with partner
Completed all written work
Completed all artwork
Work shows personal best
Presented project to class

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dancing penguins You have learned a lot about penguins at the "bottom of the world"! Brrrrrrrrr. Is your nose cold from spending so much time in Antarctica? At last you are ready to present your information at the conference. We will serve refreshments after everyone has shared information. How do you like the idea of serving ice cream sundaes at our conference?

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Types of Penguins
Penguin Facts by First Graders
Food of Penguins
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